I want to take you far frm the cynics in this town

I'm Julia. This is my life. My life is characterized by some mix of snark & optimism;my likes range from the delicate to the ironic. I want to be near the ocean. I believe the world is a beautiful place.

This blog is a celebration of nature, of change, of courage, of kindness, of bliss, of life, of the universe.

twenty-three/career woman

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Apr 30

3 songs you should be listening to right now

  • Get Lucky By Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams — If you’re haven’t been listening to this, dancing around your room like a fool, and thinking of summer what have you been doing?
  • Trying To Be Cool by Phoenix — This is a really good new song to put on a playlist with the aforementioned song. They both have an 80s-esque vibe to them and are incredible warm-weather songs.
  • Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub — DO IT.